Vazzt VOTM Turn-Key System

The VazztCaster program and the Enterprise Server program provide you and your organization with the means to configure a state-of-the art VOTM system.

The Vazzt Turnkey System allows you to:

  • Capture live video in the field with a camera/camcorder, and the VazztCaster server software on your computer/laptop), and
  • Broadcast (“pitch”) the video on bonded 3G/4G networks (1, 2, 3 or more will work) to your communications hub.  At the hub, the KenCast Enterprise Server software on your server computers can receive (“catch”) the live feed from one or many VazztCasters and output to your system, record it, and put it on your website for playback on demand.

Vazzt VOTM Turn-Key System Products

VazztCaster Server Software, TurnKey

The VazztCaster Server’s software program takes analog or digital input from your camera and encodes the video into an H.264 stream. In order to quickly establish a wire or wireless connection to the hub, VazztCaster will automatically:

  • Detect available networks
  • Accelerate delivery on the networks it finds
  • Bond them
  • Load balance the encoded video across the bonded networks
  • Repair damage on the transmission as necessary
  • Encrypt the stream (256 AES encryption)
  • VazztCaster also performs variable bitrate encoding (VBR) to ensure “StayAlive” delivery of the video stream even when the bandwidth drops substantially.

Enterprise Server Software, VOTM TurnKey

The Fazzt Enterprise Server software with the VOTM module all running your server computers at your communications hub provide a complete system to receive and process multiple feeds from 30 to 50 cameras in the field, broadcasting live video to the hub with the VazztCaster.

Incoming video can simultaneously be passed through to your network for TV broadcast, recorded to archive, and/or put on your website for live streaming across the Internet. The Enterprise Server has functionality to enable remote access and configuration of the VazztCaster software in the field in support of camera people.