Vazzt VOTM Service, SaaS

The Vazzt Service (Software-as-a-Service, SaaS) enables you to become a producer without the need to construct a professional communications hub. KenCast’s Vazzt technology provides this for you. Now you can build your own TV/video production business, providing pay-per-view and paid subscription service to viewers as part of the offering.

Visit the Vazzt Service website, and register to be a Vazzt Producer.


  • Set-up VazztCaster and become a producer. Click Here.
  • Build your own Portable Production Studio. Click Here.
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Vazzt VOTM Service, SaaS, Products


Go to the Vazzt website ( and register as a Producer. You are given your own secure Vazzt website which can be linked to your own website, if you have one. Then download the VazztCaster software (at no cost). Install the Vazzt Caster on your laptop/Netbook and begin broadcasting live video on your own website, or from your Vazzt Producer website, to the world.

The VazztCaster works with your camera, laptop and the 3G/4G network services you have to broadcast to the Vazzt Service Hub on the Internet Cloud. You can announce your events, the cost to view, and collect from Viewers who can use their credit card or PayPal to pay you, if you choose to charge.