Vazzt VOTM Local Command System (LCS)

All the functions of the Vazzt Turnkey System are available in the Vazzt LCS, but a major difference is the duplex operation of the Vazzt LCS.

Unlike the Vazzt Turnkey System, the Vazzt LCS is a “two-way” system. Live Video is captured by the VazztCaster software on the computer in the field and sent to the Central Hub. At the Central Hub, the Administrator has access back to the local environment and can perform a number of functions. Common uses of this return link at to control a Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera at the scene so the Public Safety Workers can go about their emergency work without a need to attend to the cameras, and also the return link can serves as a voice intercom with the scene.


Vazzt VOTM Local Command System (LCS) Products


The VazztCaster Server Appliance has the ability to send live streaming video back to the Central Hub, as well as to record locally in the field and then send files back to the Central Hub. This appliance is typically configured by KenCast as a ruggedized laptop for use in the field in demanding emergency situations.

There is also a return channel, unique to the LCS that provides additional capability to the Administrator at the Central Hub. As mentioned above this is often used to control PTZ surveillance cameras at the scene.


The Enterprise Server software runs on server computers at your Central Hub. The Administrator has full control of incoming camera feeds in the field which can include from a few feeds up to 3050 on a single server. The Administrator can pass through the live video and/or record it and/or put it on a website for open or secure access. In addition, the Administrator can utilize the return channel to control surveillance cameras, as well as a number of other functions.