GEONETCast is a global network of satellite-based data dissemination systems that distribute space-based, air-borne and in situ data with associated meta data. GEONETCast Americas data is uplinked using the KenCast Fazzt Enterprise Server System.

The data service can be received through two of KenCasts’ datacasting products:

  • The Fazzt EdgeSpan Appliance For network users without satellite receivers, the Fazzt EdgeSpan appliance allows users to receive GEONETCast services using a built-in DVB-S/S2 receiver for reception of this service, and it provides storage for caching of received data.
  • The Fazzt Professional Client The Fazzt Professional Client software allows users to receive GEONETCast services using a desktop computer with an installed DVB-S/S2 satellite receiver card.

Please contact your KenCast sales professional ( ) for assistance with configuring your system.

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